Erwin Lambrento Table Tennis Academy is dedicated to empowering the youth through table tennis and producing world-class athletes, in the process, enabling them to grow into healthy, knowledgeable, competitive, achievement-oriented, and responsible citizens. We are committed to making a difference in their lives and “smashing poverty” through excellence in table tennis.




The first ever table tennis league in the history of Philippine table tennis. This League will be from April to August. P320,000 of cash prizes will be given away to winners.
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Mandaluyong Summer Table Tennis Camp 2016

Operation Hours

We are open from Monday to Saturday.

1PM to 6PMKids' Training
6PM onwardsOpen For All

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Tips & Tidbits: During the 1936 World Championships in Prague there was a point beyond imagination. The point lasted over an hour with more than 12,000 shots! It is believed the referee was replaced as he got a neck injury.